About TraitsEdit

Traits are distinguishing characteristics of girls which can provide various bonuses or penalties.  Some traits are able to be learned via successfully working a Job.  Every time a girl (or PC/NPC) successfully works a job they have a chance to gain one of the traits the job provides.  This chance is entirely random and can take large numbers of successful completions before they gain a trait.

Job traits start at a 50% modifier (20% without the skill) and can go up to 70% effectiveness. There are two exceptions to this: alcoholic bartenders can go up to 90%, and the passive maid skill which starts at 7% and tops off at 9%. Girls who gain a job trait will not immediately show the change. Update the girl by removing her from the job, exiting the assignment screen, and then reassigning her to the job. Skill modifiers (+10%/rank) are applied automatically.

Tables of TraitsEdit

Appearance Traits
Traits that affect appearance, Body type, etc.

Behavior Traits
Traits relating to behaviours and mannerism.

Background Traits
Traits that shows where the girl came from, and the bonus earned from the life before she became a slave.

Combat Classes
Determines the abilities available for combat.

Determines what jobs the girls are skilled at.

The magical spells that characters can cast in or out of combat.

The martial skills that characters can use in combat.