Sim Brothel 2: Revival Wiki

Obtain Quest: Exit the mine

Prerequisites (As Far As I’m Aware): Complete Fire in the Hole & Own the Hot House


After leaving the mines you'll end up seeing a cutscene about the lord of the mountains death. Go to your brothel and you will be treated with another cutscene. You will be tasked with interviewing the people of the town for information. Natasha will join your party, as you are a person of interest in the investigation of the murder.

Chat with the lady whose house was right next to the explosion, then the old blacksmith, then the sex addict two doors down. Next talk to "Daddy's Girl". Fighting in the streets will ensue and she will reveal how to get into the hideout located in the building to the left of her.

Note: If you want to take Ellie's path through this quest (Which I would recommend), go finish Making A Lord before proceeding.

Once inside the building (blue roof), interact with the toy horse and talk to the ice cult.

Go see the steward and find out about the former lords genius plan. Go find the man who eats a lot at the inn.

He'll give you a hint at the location of then other cult. Talk to Daddy's girl again. This time she'll give you nothing. Attempt to figure out the location for yourself or just look to the next line.

Enter the house with the Green roof located directly across the street from the other hideout. There's a crystal ball inside, interact with it and proceed into hideout number two.

In the aftermath of the discussion go back and talk to Alexander (The investigator). He will allow you access to the Lord's Manor to investigate the crime scene.

Investigate the following places:

The chapel on the first floor

Bedroom on the third floor

Library on the fourth floor

Building exterior outside of library

Kitchen accessible from the south staircase on the second floor

Once you have investigated these five locations, return to Alexander to discuss your findings.

Talk to the bunny girl near the well, follow her. When you enter the blacksmith's shop you'll meet another bunny.

Turns out the rabbit done did it.

Fran will take the Blacksmith's daughter hostage and flee, chase after her.

Once you enter the foggy area proceed on the left path. Once you reach the dead end, return to the entrance. Natasha will propose that you just leave it alone and tell Alexander your didn't find anything. Head down the right path this time. At the fork go left and visit the inn, you will see a cutscene and can heal there, after return to the fork and go right.

Once out of the fog. Head North, North, West, then North to reach the Viera village. If you cannot enter the village, you have most likely missed the cutscene in the inn and have to go back there.


Not Ellie's route

If your not on Ellie's path this is where you choose who to blame:

  1. The Ice Cult
  2. The Fire Cult
  3. The Viera (Bunnies)

Blaming a cult gets you the bunnies as mercs, the cult girl as a slave, and the ability to buy that hideout as a brothel.

Blaming the bunnies, will result in the death of Lilja. The enslavement of Fran, Karin Uzumaki, and Mizore Shirayuki. The ability to buy both hideout brothels.


Regardless of your route proceed back to the mountain town and deal with the situation.

Possible rewards: Lilja, Fran, Karin Uzumaki, Mizore Shirayuki, and Natasha. The Cold Comfort and Burning Love Brothels.