Cardcaptor Sakura by Dre Artwork


Constitution 35 Strength 20
Sex 1 Charisma 60
Beauty 390 Agility 30
Obedience 45 Intelligence 50

Body: Loli
Cosplay, Young, Athletic, Cheerful, Cute, Clumsy, Naive, Protected (by Daidōji Tomoyo)

Combat Skill
Summon - Clow Card (says Non-combat)

A young magical girl, Sakura was on a quest to recover all of the Clow cards and to become the next Master of the cards. Her journey took her to the City, where her magical potential had her marked by the magic users in the city. Unable to touch her directly, due to the protection of the Clow cards, they instead targeted her closest friend Daidōji Tomoyo, kidnapping her in order to blackmail Sakura. It worked, and Sakura allowed herself to be enslaved to save Tomoyo.

-Everything will surely be all right!

-Is it alright if I don't search for the Clow cards...?


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