Here there be Pirates

Located on the Main Island in Oceania on the North-East side

Obtain Quest: Talk to the lady at the counter of the Office of the Burgomeister (See Images)


Prerequisites (As Far As I’m Aware): Own the Ruined Lifeguard Shack


Note: This was written from the perspective of the Lord character

Talk to the lady at the counter of the Office of the Burgomeister. After discussing how you would like to be of service to the realm you decide to help with their pirate problem. After Tashigi is added to your party go outside and talk to the old dude, Captain Roarke, standing in front of the three women guards to your north. You'll go on a mission (some of the missions in this quests differ based on starting character). Fight the pirates, get paid, and go back to the shack.

When you arrive Ino's there looking to bang. As you are enjoying yourself, you come to find out the pirates are attacking. You are given a choice to go help, or stay with Ino. I'm not entirely aware of the repercussions of staying with Ino. All I know is you seem to skip that mission and Tashigi goes missing. The next mission continues without Tashigi in your party.

After dealing with the threat at the supply depot, or not, head to the Office of the Burgomeister. You'll find out that they have hired a merc, Revy, to guard the next ship with you. When you are ready talk to Madeline again to start the next mission.

Fight for survival. Escape with your life and go see the lord of Oceania. Talk with the Lady of Oceania


Pirates again! Go back towards the Office of the Burgomeister the building north of it is under attack. Clear that dungeon.

You'll end up on an island. The water elemental is located on the far east side of the island.

Find Vivi south of the main building (I think its a church), then head west towards the lighthouse. Climb into the lighthouse and listen to the cutscene.


Talk with the purple haired girl outside the Lords office. Now you have a choice:

  1. Side with the Lord
  2. Side with the Pirates
  3. Walk away

As far as i can tell walking away serves no advantage. So choose between 1 or 2.

Picking option 1 will result in the pirate girls being cast into slavery. You will get to select one for free. The other two will go to the auctions.

Picking option 2 all pirate girls will join you as free agents. You MUST select this path to do the Sakura Haruno quest because Ino must be a free agent for it to occur.

Meet with your respective party at the dock and finish this.

Reward: Lighthouse brothel now available, Girls depending on outcome

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