Obtaining GirlsEdit

Slave MarketsEdit

There are 6 slave markets in the game.  One in each starting town, one in the slums where you obtain your first girl, another one in Ry'Leh and finally one in Nivalis.  Every day the girls offered will randomize, so, if you don't find the girl you're looking for at a particular slaver, return another day. All slavers offer the same girls each day, so there is no need in visiting multiple slavers a day. Girls sold to a slaver will be available for purchase until the end of the day, at which point they're returned to the random listings.

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Some girls are only obtainable via successful completion of a quest.  If you can't find a girl at the slave market, you may want to check their personal page to see if their acquisition requires any special steps.

At this time most quests require the Harpy's Nest (City Outskirts) brothel to fully complete.

Feel free to edit the list as the game continues to progress. ^^^

Obtaining Free StaffEdit

The Barbarian can be acquired by helping him with his fight in the forest. He can only be obtained if you did not pick the Warrior as your character.

The Viper Nazir will join you in the big quest in desert

Other Free Staff can be obtained from the Mercenary Captain in the docks bar.

Free staff are generally the same as any other girl the only difference being they can't work in the work room.

Hiring mercenaries now come with a maintenance fee(about 30 gold per mercenary( including the Barbarian)(Excluding Ellie/Elemental Lord, her cost is a whopping 500 gold) that is displayed every night on your final summary.(sign in at brothels)

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Stats and TraitsEdit

Girls and free staff can work a number of Jobs in order to increase profits, client satisfaction, gain various Traits, and improve the brothel's overall efficiency. They can also learn Skills from the trainers to use in combat.

Traits have a chance to be gained or removed every time a girl works a job. To see what traits can be gained or removed see the Traits and Jobs page. Traits do not require a minimum stat to be obtained. However some traits oppose other traits and will prevent a trait from being gained until it is removed. For example a girl with clumsy can't gain nimbleness until clumsy has been removed.


Stat use in combatEdit

  • Agility determines your chance of successfully hitting the enemy and dodging their attacks as well as which combatant may act first.
    • It is improved by dodging. Also at each turn where a combatant "acts" (attack, skill, item, etc.) a small amount of exp. is gained.
  • Constitution determines your maximum hit points (HP) by 100 HP base +15 HP per Constitution.
    • It is improved by receiving hits.
  • Intelligence determines your maximum spell points (SP) and how powerful your skills will be.
    • It is improved by using skills.
  • Strength determines how hard you hit with your physical attacks.
    • It is improved by hitting enemies.

Stat use in the brothelEdit

  • Agility affects success rate with the hasty skill.
    • It is increased by working as a Dancer or Bartender.
  • Charisma
    • It is improved by working as a Bartender and successful whoring.
  • Constitution affects how often a girl can service a customer before becoming exausted.
    • It is improved by working as a Dancer, time spent in the dungeon, Training (Bed warmer) and successful whoring.
  • Intelligence is not currently used.
    • It is improved by working as a Medic, Cook, Teacher, Teleporter.
  • Strength is not currently used.
    • It is improved by successfully working as a guard (turning customers away).
  • Obedience determines how willing the girl is to have sex with customers.
    • It is improved by Successful whoring and time spent in the dungeon.
  • Popularity affects how popular the girl is in that particular brothel.
    • It is improved by working as a dancer.
  • Reputation determines how popular the girl is across all brothels.
    • It is improved by successful whoring.
  • Sex determines how good the girl is at whoring.
    • It is improved by successful whoring and personal training (bed warmer).
  • Beauty determines the likelihood that a customer will make her an offer.
    • It is improved by making girls wear certain items. It cannot be permanently increased.

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