260px-OP C016 rei

Ayanami Rei

Constitution 30 Strength 40
Sex 1 Charisma 30
Beauty 650 Agility 30
Obedience 70 Intelligence 50

Body: Normal
Melancholy, Emotionless Expression, Exotic, No sense of Self, Not quite Human, Robot Pilot, Military

Combat Skill
Spear User, Unique ability (AT Field) (says Non-combat, will have to check)

Unique Equipment
Spear of Longinus

The First Child, and pilot for the Test-type Evangelion Unit 00, Rei is withdrawn and seemingly emotionless. Created from the salvaged remains of ikari Yui, wife of Gendo, Rei has lived her life knowing she is expendable. A whole tank of clones stand ready to take her place should she lose her life.

After the battles with the 16th Angel, NERV is in dire need of funds. One Angel remains, and they have no real combat ability. Unit one is in lock down, and the rest destroyed. The Geofront is in shambles and badly needs repairs as well. Given the conditions, when Gendo heard through certain channels that someone is willing to pay large amount of money for pretty girls, he leaped at the chance, arranging a meeting with the person mentioned and activating Rei III as a demo. He was counting on the Rei clones for funding.

Little did he know that even as he was finalizing the sale for the clone girls and handing Rei over for the down payment, Ritsuko is showing Shinji the Reiquarium and activating the destruction of the remaining clone bodies...

-I am not a doll.